Syracuse University has established the Water Science and Engineering Initiative, funded through the University Provost and Vice Chancellor’s Office, to establish Syracuse University as a recognized leader in research and graduate training related to water science and engineering.  Water is increasingly a limiting resource for humans and ecosystems due to increases in human populations and their activities (e.g., energy use, food production, land use change, domestic, industrial and agricultural withdrawals and consumption). Changing climate and shifting land use exacerbate the limited availability of water.

Syracuse is positioned to be at the forefront of water science and engineering due to a tradition of cooperation and collaboration among faculty and students in water related research and education initiatives in Earth Sciences, Geography and Civil and Environmental Engineering. Our faculty has expertise in science and engineering, with current research addressing the consequences of the two most important drivers limiting the quantity and quality of water: climate change and land use change.

Water Seminar Students and Faculty

Water Seminar Students and Faculty, Fall 2014

As part of the Water Science and Engineering Initiative, the University has initiated a selective PhD program through recruitment and award of four Water Fellowships.  We have also initiated a high-profile seminar series featuring outstanding researchers in water-related disciplines. The seminar series is integrated with a thematic joint seminar co-taught by two participating faculty from ES and CIE.  We are currently recruiting a new faculty member to support the Water Initiative: